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The history of dustin Faber is very long and drawn out. Instead of writing an essay like I did in 12th grade, here is a chronological timeline that should explain things a little easier.

Sept. 27, 1983 — dustin Faber was born in Beeville, Texas. Tammy Faber gave birth to him, enduring the pain every woman in labor goes through to help dustin emerge into this world. Mad propz to my mom.

Sept. 27, 1984 — I probably got a lot of birthday presents, none of which I can remember. Please keep this in mind when you are buying birthday gifts for a 1-year-old: savings bonds, stocks and mutual funds are things he'll remember 24 years later. Oh, and we moved to Virginia Beach sometime in this area.

May 21, 1986 — My sister, JoBeth Denise Faber (now Hilliard), was born, and took with her the gene for good looks, as I was blessed with a wonderful personality.

September 1989 — I started kindergarten, (in Millington, Tenn.: we moved there in 1988) and was picked on by the very mean Kenneth Ott. Bastard stole my frosted flakes.

Sometime in the early 1990s. — I got baptized at First Baptist Church in Millington. A very big step in a walk of faith that is still going!

Summer 1992 - Moved back to Virginia Beach, Va. for third and fourth grade, and enjoyed the beach, except for the time at Damn Neck when the undertoe nearly caused me to drown. Which, in that case, would have been good for you, as you'd be stuck reading something else more exciting than this!

October 1993 — I fell asleep.

October 1993 — I woke back up.

Sept. 1994 — Went to visit Washington D.C. and saw the Vietnam Memorial. A moving experience I've kept in my heart for years.

Oct. 1994 — Moved to Augusta, Ga., and got to be the minority whitey in the Salem Arms apartment complex (also the minority at Sego Middle School). Man it sucks to be the minority. I feel the pain of other ethnicities, especially when the black kid gets made fun for hanging out with the white kid (me).

June 1996 — The Chicago Bulls capped a 72-win regular season with an NBA Finals victory over the Seattle Supersonics. That's included for me to throw in a cheap plug for the 1985-1986 Boston Celtics, who would defeat those Bulls in a 7-game series, and to keep the name Seattle Supersonics alive. Oklahoma City stole that basketball team.

January 1997 — Moved to Waldron, AR, where I attended middle and high school. Too many white people here though.

Spring 2000 — Brandon Brown accuses me of being gay because I don't have a girlfriend in some public speaking class. I point this out only to illustrate how lame high school kids, Brandon in particular, can be. And no, I'm not gay. Tell that to my girlfriend I have now! Oh....that's right, I'm still single. Nevermind, I'll get back to Brandon when I have the lady in my life.

May 2002 — I graduated high school, and approximately 1-3 minutes after the ceremony was finalized, any cares I had about being liked by the other kids immediately vanished. I can name 6 people in that graduating class I still keep in contact with.

August 2002 — I chose journalism as a major at Arkansas State University. Damn I should have been a doctor instead. Or a truck driver. Way more money in both fields.

May 2006 — I graduated college and decided to pursue more education in Pittsburgh, Pa. as a culinary chef.

July 2006 — I start cooking school

July 2006 (one week later) — I quit cooking school.

November 2006 — Engaged!

December 2006 — Not engaged!

April 2007 — Back home to Arkansas after 11 months in the Steel City.

March 2008 — Started work at the Log Cabin Democrat, the best newspaper in Arkansas.

June 2008 — Remember that faith journey that began with baptism? It really came full circle here, when I joined the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults program at St. Joseph Catholic Church. When I complete this program in Spring 2009, I'll be a full member of the Catholic church. My walk with God has never been more solid. I screw up every day, sinning like a mad fool, but nowadays I actually feel bad for it, as opposed to the dark collegiate years, when my conscience was seemingly dead!

God does so many miraculous things: His bringing me into the Church is further proof of his great existence!

January 2, 2009, 1:48 a.m. — Writing this timeline. And thanking God for all he has given me.


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