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Among the interesting things I've read in Catholic blogs this week.

The Curt Jester wonders if Mary's feast day on New Year's Day, (Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God) is the least attended, citing that a hangover is no excuse to miss this holy day of obligation. Feast with the Least (Attendance)

Hangovers are bad. I've never had one (came close after getting a little tipsy off of some cherry-flavored vodka in Pittsburgh, circa fall 2006) but I've heard that they suck. But I think WWE chairman Vince McMahon's thoughts on work ethic can be applied to this day. McMahon says, "You can be just as sick at work as you can be at home."

Great advice to apply to a work ethic, and in the case of a mild "illness" like a hangover, Vinnie-Mac's words ring true. You'll feel just as bad at home with that hangover, so why not stumble on over to Mass? Alka seltzer is a GREAT cure for a hangover, so I'd suggest some of that next time this situation rolls around. (also, did you ever think you'd hear Vince McMahon quoted in a lesson about Catholicism? Neither did I)

Sister Catherine Marie with the Sisters of St. Benedict of Ferdinand, Ind. beautifully summarizes her grandmother and others she loves. Summing it Up

Of her grandmother, Marie says, "Definitely, with my grandma the word would be "loving." Always when I was in her presence I felt loved. I believe, without a doubt, that I was her favorite. I also believe that everyone in the family can say, without a doubt, the exact same thing. Each one of us was her favorite. I didn't have to say or do anything special. I was loved for simply being."

For my granny, the word that immediately comes to mind is clean. Especially when it comes to the trash. You could eat out of that brown paper sack. Pieces of uneaten fruit always went in a pringles can, and nobody ever ate in the living room. To this day, I take my shoes off whenever I go into anybody's house due to my grandmother's lovingly strict way of doing things.

Oh, and I guess loving too. But definitely clean. As you can see, Sister Catherine does a much better job at describing these things.

Father Austin Murphy of the delightfully named "Jesus goes to Disney World" blog (I wish I had a cool name like that) talks about his now-gone collection of baseball cards, and his current collection of holy cards. Worth a Thousand Words.

That's actually a good idea (I do have a prayer card from France that the Catholic Guy Lino Rulli sent to me). When I was a kid, I collected basketball, baseball and Marvel Comics trading cards. I'll never forget trading unopened packs of Marvel Series III cards with my sister JoBeth. I got a bunch of cards I already had (doubles), and she got the holographic Wolverine card. Jipped. Oh so jipped.

• And finally, the Radical Catholic Mom highly recommends dryer balls. Apparently she never has to use dryer sheets anymore. THE coolest, environmentally friendly, cheap laundry gadget you need.

Nifty. When I go buy more soy milk this week, I'll have to pick that up.


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