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Here are some of the more interesting posts in the Catholic blogosphere that I've read this week:

Rusty at Live Greater talks Ordinary Time in the church, and describes it in a beautiful way that I hadn't thought of before. Not so ordinary time

I just wish the Church had a better name for the season instead of "Ordinary Time." It's probably blasphemy that I suggest such a thing, but the name Ordinary Time seems to suggest that nothing great, only ordinary things, happen during this season. Rusty's blog reminds us that God works in great ways throughout the year.

Heather Barrett at The Practicing Catholic identifies the struggle that all of us single people have: a commandment to be chaste (one that I struggle with greatly!). She developed a prayer for times when we all need help from God. Catholic and single: When sexuality gets you down

It's nice to know that others, including a 30-year-old Librarian, struggle with this daily. Maybe it'd help if I realized I'm not the only one that deals with this crap day in and day out. Thankfully God forgives my stupidity. Time after time.

David Renshaw at Real Catholic Men challenges me and every other dude (that sounds lame I know) to be a REAL man in 2009. 2009 can be the "Year of the Catholic Man"

Everyone has these lame new years resolutions. Lose weight, gain weight, find Jimmy Hoffa, etc. I like Renshaw's challenge because he asks me to put God first this year, and man up. It's a nice sequel to Heather Barrett's post on chastity. Whether it's my family, a girl I'm seeing, friends, etc., I hope I can be a quality "Catholic Man" this year.

"Be a good witness, use words if you must."

Thanks for the motivation David.

• And finally, Jason, the Richest Man in Assisi (actually Louisville) throws up a new year's resolution: Become a saint in 2009. On resolutions for a new year.

It's a nice way of saying to live a good life. Since I won't find out if I've become a saint until after I'm up in heaven, I won't worry about it. Besides, I think I'm about as far away from sainthood as Barack Obama is from the presidency.

Oh he won that election? Wow, Saint dustin sounds fantastic :)

And if you're still bored, here's the obligatory youtube video that comes free with every post.


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