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Below are some of my best photos and page designs. My resume is also available by clicking here. The Google Docs folder with all of these projects is also available by clicking here.

This photo appeared on the front page of the Waldron News one year ago. It was an ugly Black Friday wreck. My bosses didn't like the photo after it ran, saying it looked too gruesome. Valid point, but seeing victim's faces (both of whom are alive and well) really made this photo hit home. The families also told me that they enjoyed seeing the photo. My best news photo.

My friend Trey Plummer at Main Street Barber Shop, a business he operates in Waldron, AR. I got a top-three ribbon at the county fair.

I took this photo in college, about five years ago. Of all the Arkansas State University volleyball players, Randilyne Volkmer had the most concentration when it came to serving, making it a fun photo to snap.

These two photos were taken at Arkansas State University. Gretchen Wilson above, Bart Millard of MercyMe below.

My nephew Brent when he was one. We were at Estes Park, Colo., and my photo instructor at Arkansas State LOVED this photo, especially all the blue hues (including the eyes). And so does my family.

Brent when he was four, playing in the park.

 I did this photo on a whim. If I could do it over, I'd put all the stuff against a white background. Yes, the kitchen is distracting.

Pretty saucer magnolia flower outside Mom's house on Easter 2004.

College friend Jamie in my first photo project, 2004.

Dan Haseltine of Jars of Clay when the band performed at Toad Suck Daze in Conway. The AP circulated this photo, and I stood in the rain for three hours just so I could have a front row seat to the concert (Jars is my favorite band of all time)

I should have sent this photo to Pringles. Brent when he was one. The boy loves potato crisps.

First day of school for a girl in Waldron. I was doing a back-to-school story for the Waldron News, and wanted to capture that look of fear in a childs eyes on their first day of Kindergarten. I think I succeeded.

Newspaper front pages
More front pages coming soon, but here is one of my favorites from my time at The Log Cabin Democrat in Conway, AR. 

Newman Campus Ministry Bulletins

This is my fifth semester designing bulletins for the Newman Campus Ministry at Montclair State University in Montclair, N.J. This is a free service I provide to Newman. The aim of the bulletin is to provide Newman members with information about upcoming events, build a sense of community, and to pique interest in the group through articles written by students and quality design that helps the bulletins stand out among other publications on campus. Advertisements I did for the group is also available at the end of this list.

Newspaper columns and stories

Audio Work
I have enough knowledge with the Garageband program to create intriguing audio clips. This clip appeared on the Busted Halo show, which airs weekdays on SiriusXM's The Catholic Channel, in November 2008. The second clip, Leftovers, appeared in October 2010 on the Busted Halo Show after the host, Fr. Dave Dwyer, asked if any listeners could create a sound jingle for their leftovers segment.

Sports Minute clip 11-01-08
Leftovers, Oct. 2010


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