My nasty overeating problem

I have a problem with eating.

I don't mean to say that my teeth have fallen out. Although some days I wish they would. No my problem is overeating.

"Be not drawn after every enjoyment, neither become a glutton for choice foods, For sickness comes with overeating, and gluttony brings on biliousness."

Yep, so even the book of Sirach, chapter 37, verses 28-29, rips me to shreds over my nasty little habit. And when the Bible cracks down on you, well, you've got problems.

True, I'm the one at fault, but let's play a little game I like to call blaming my past (so easy to do!). Seems like when I was in high school, I could get away with eating anything I wanted, and never passing 135 pounds. Through college, I just assumed that it would last forever. So on came the late night trip to Hardees once a week, culminating in 2,000 calorie fast food meals. Translation: Double chin at graduation.

I canned my reckless eating temporarily while living in Pittsburgh (no money for fast food equals healthier diet), but it seems like its come back over the last few years, culminating in a lunch a few weeks ago that consisted of a double quarter-pounder with cheese, large fries, a McChicken sandwich, and a diet Coke.

Cause, you know, I've got to watch those calories.

But something snapped over the last few weeks in my chubby 190-pound body. Maybe its due to a 
drought of second dates over the last year or so (I think I could make it to date number four if I was ripped), maybe it's seeing other men 10 years my senior with pant sizes three times mine. Or maybe it's my belt digging into my stomach whenever i sit down.

Actually, it was seeing an episode of Scrubs a few weeks ago that did it for me.  One of the main characters, Turk, develops Diabetes (season four, episode six). The cause of his diabetes isn't made known in the episode, so I went digging around for the causes of it.

And what did I find? Overeating (hey that's me) and lack of exercise (me again!) are some of the contributing factors.


I know I'm oversimplifying things, and that diabetes can be hereditary.  Before I pat myself on the back and think that I dodged that bullett, lack of exercise (and presumably a bad diet) can also lead to heart problems.

What am I doing to myself? I look at my lifestyle and "slow suicide" immediately comes to mind. True, I may never develop diabetes or heart problems, but why give those possibilities a head start.
It's truly frightening, to look at the way I live and think that it could possibly lead to health problems down the road.

So, along with my mother, we've decided to exercise. Doing this with someone else ought to give me an accountability partner, as I've given up exercising in the past due to not having anyone to push. We've started walking and riding the exercise bike, and telling each other our calorie counts for the day.

Before, I'd laze around the house like a slug and feel miserable without any reason why. Now, I get on that exercise bike and pedal furiously for 40 minutes, and I feel great about myself. Instead of ordering a huge appetizer at Char-Broiler, I stick with a hamburger and fries as a reward for all those spinach salads (using olive oil instead of dressing) I take to work each day.

I'm not perfect, and I know I'll make mistakes and overeat down the road. I know it takes time to get a fit body (and a body you're 100 percent proud of will never come).

But I'm willing to try. For my health and the wife I might have someday (only fair she gets a man with a smoking hot body!).

If you ever see me overindulging at McDonalds, make sure you punch me in the gut, and hard.

The 60-year-old dustin Faber from the future will thank you for it.


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