Thank you for visiting dustinfaber.com. This site serves three purposes: To share my love of video games while giving it a Catholic spin, to show off design samples (click on My Portfolio at the top or at this link), to catch people up with what I'm doing. I hope you find my site interesting, informative, and fun, and I hope you keep checking back for updates.

Who am I? I'm a 27-year-old Data Entry Specialist (basically I hit control-V a lot). I have a degree in journalism from Arkansas State (woo), with a minor in English (should have been spanish). I'm a Catholic Convert (2009 was my confirmation), a huge fan of the Boston Celtics and New England Revolution, a damn good graphic designer, and a writer. And one time I beat the Legend of Zelda without a sword.

God bless!

- dustin Faber


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    A blog for the masses, if by masses you mean myself and family members who probably read this out of pity.

    I'm dustin Faber, the 16-bit Catholic. This blog is an amusing, sometimes thought-provoking look at my life and the world around me. Poetry, cooking recipes, gaming, faith, things that make me go awww, things that make me go grrr, and my obsession with a good glass of root beer can be found here.

    If you're looking for gaming-centered posts, check out catholicvideogamers.blogspot.com. If you seek the blog I keep with my fiance, check out thecatholiclovebirds.blogspot.com

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