Text the Pope, show some love!

I thought texting was only for sending my American Idol votes (c'mon Lee!) or telling my girlfriend how much I love her (it's really disgustingly mushy, the things we write to each other. Her: The Mother Freakin Power keeps going out. Me: Aw I love you).

Big-time yuck, yes. But now, I can tell the Vicar of Christ that I love him via text message! Well, not in a mushy way like I do with the fire-haired dove (still working on a better nickname. I like fire-haired though). But apparently, if you send a text to +39 335 18 63 091, they'll pass it along to our Holy Father by the end of May.

Which means the messages won't go straight to his mobile device. A good thing for sure, as some jerk out there would probably send him obscene things (Funny how the people who claim that they "care" about others say the most hateful things in the world). Admittedly, it'd be pretty awesome to get your message directly to him once you send it, but safety first.

I think it's really cool to see The Church branching out like this. Hopefully it's not a one-time thing, and they keep collecting these texts. I always have time to send a few text messages throughout my day, so why not take 30 seconds to send something to Benedict telling him I'm praying for him? Not a bad use of your time, but since when is taking time out to pray each day a bad thing?

I just sent a message that said "Praying for you! God bless what you do for all of us!" OK, so hopefully the next text message will be a little better than that one. That sounds like something you'd send to your preacher as he's going into surgery to have an ingrown toenail removed (those hurt so bad, I've had it happen three times to me. The third time it was so gross the nurse took a picture of it).

Also, I just checked ATT's rates for texting, in case your worried that support to Benedict would drain your wallet. The text plans on the site, including the unlimited text and data plan, all carry a charge of 25 cents for international texts. Only a quarter, which isn't too bad. That's the amount of money it cost me to light a candle at Christ the King in Fort Smith tonight.

All in all, nice to see there's another way to get your prayers out.


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