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I'm taking this web site in a new direction, as evidenced by Pope Benedict XVI holding a Nintendo Power magazine. A few weeks ago, Lino Rulli gave a talk at the Catholic New Media Celebration, telling people they should identify their passion and pursue it. Also, not to settle for doing a job second best and thinking that it's good enough for God.

This really jolted me. I do a piss-poor job at keeping this site updated, and I think that can be attributed to my laziness the fact that there is no real focus on this blog. One day you might come across me giving a column about a wreck, the next day you might read something about giving kids cigarettes. No focus! It's why my Church Echoes podcast I did a year-and-a-half ago wasn't as good as it could have been: I tried to make it all things to all people, which made it (along with this blog) too daunting to try to update.

"What should I talk about this time?" I would ask myself, never really having a clue.

So, in order to make a better blog, I need to focus on one specific area. And choose something I'm passionate about. Politics? Eh. There's so many more people who can do it better than me. The Rosary? I need to start praying the rosary more before I start telling others about it? Marriage? I already started that at thecatholiclovebirds.blogspot.com, along with my future bride, Allicia.

No, the topic that I really feel passionate about is video games. Mostly vintage NES and Sega Genesis, but I own a Wii and love it dearly as well. And while there are a lot of Christian-themed video game web sites out there, I didn't find a lot of Catholic ones (the ones I did find have links on the side). So hopefully I can toss my hat into the ring without stepping on anyones toes. The more Catholic gamers the merrier, right?

So there's my focus: writing about games I love, giving you my thoughts on classics, as well as new ones. I'll post other things from time to time, but from now on, gaming will be the central focus on dustinfaber.com.

Getting this focus has reinvigorated my passion to write, and it's my hope that by doing this, I can somehow make the world of Catholic media a slightly more fun place.

I hope you'll press start with me.*

* Cheesiest video game cliche in the world


SHEAFmom June 10, 2011 at 5:07 PM  

My wii, with a good surge protector, died :-( I am soo sad. That said, I would love to see a really cool "Catholic" Video game for kids...and Moms. I love RPG games, although the newer ones make me a bit seasick. I also love the older games like Mario and ok, to show my age, I loved this one game on Atari, I can't remember what it was called, but it had like dragons and a bat that would catch you and drop you off somewhere and you need to find keys. All that was to tell you I think you should get seriously into computer programming and write, a King's Quest type Catholic game with Saints and Relics, opportunities to suffer for others to concur evil or opportunities to fight for good or care and feed the sick or poor, something like that. So start writing the code :-) I'll happily test it for you ;-)

ps, I just found you site today and have enjoyed reading about you and your new bride. God Bless!

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