The Bible Online MMORPG

Over the weekend, I got the chance to play the Beta version of The Bible Online. Giving it a review would be unfair, since it was a Beta version, and not the final product. Hopefully they find some things to fix, because the game quite frankly felt like a mess (The Beta phase ended on Sept. 12)

The controls felt normal, like I was playing an RTS game in the vein of Warcraft II. But just like Spiritual Warfare had no discernible plot, neither did this Bible one. Supposedly you are playing as a tribe in the time of Abraham, but what am I supposed to do? Are there people to conquer? Do I need to build up a kingdom? Is Lot screwing around with my stuff? Being open-ended in games like Simcity is one thing, but to not give me any hints on what I should do is not a good way to get me to devote more than 5 minutes to the game.

Yeah I know, when you first start the game, it tells you to cultivate a farm that's in the lower right hand corner. Umm, no it's not. I see some plants, but there's no farming command anywhere on the screen. Do I build a building? Harvest? I need direction people!

Quick memo to all Christian game developers: Yes, you need a plot in your games.

It'll be interesting to see how this game plays out when the final product gets rolled out. I can definitely see some promise in this game, as developing a society in ancient times does sound like a lot more fun than Super Noah's Ark 3D.

The only other minor complaint I had about this game really has nothing to do with the game itself, but with the company producing it. I have no idea who FIAA is, as they don't give any information on their site (yeah, I could do about 15 minutes of research to find it, but that should be up front). One of their other games, Kalos War, has a drawing of a beautiful witch that's perhaps a little TOO sexualized. To be blunt, she has hard nipples and her groin area, while covered, leaves little to be desired. If it's not a Christian company and they're just trying to make a buck off of the Christian Bible game, then fine. Glad you deemed the Bible a worthy thing to make a game out of, just don't screw it up too badly, ok?

But if it is a Christian company, they might wanna think twice about the kind of artwork used on the web site. It doesn't help your thoughts stay pure, and could be something to really worry about if you have young children trying to play the so-far broken Bible Online.


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