Dragon*Con coverage on The Catholic Channel

If I lived in Atlanta, I would have definitely been at Dragon*Con this weekend (are you listening, future bride of mine?). It's not video game focused, but some of the panels seemed really intriguing, like the discussion on horror games and "The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth," which discussed how gaming is transforming society in a geek-friendlier place.

Gaming aside, there were some other great panels, such as meeting Adam Savage from Mythbusters, and a panel devoted to classic sci fi cartoons like Johnny Quest (not that lame 90s version either). And while I can't be there, The Catholics Next Door will hopefully make me feel like I was among the masses. Greg and Jennifer Willits went to each day of Dragon*Con and scored some interviews. On Friday's show, they had Daniel Logan, who played young Boba Fett in Star Wars Episode II, and Gil Gerard, who played Buck Rogers in the 1980s series.

From Tuesday to Friday on their show this week (10-1 p.m. east on The Catholic Channel, Sirius 159 and XM 117), they'll have some more audio of the event. It should be pointed out that Greg and Jennifer aren't going to goof on the people and belittle them.  They're both very geeky and fit right in (they have a son named Ben Kenobi Willits). So it should be a fun week of shows.

Maybe next year, I'll get to dress up and go to the event. If I was dressing as a video game character, it would have to be Link from The Legend of Zelda (with the cross shield). If it was a comic character, I'd totally go with Captain Marvel, Adam West's Batman or Charles Xavier, wheelchair and all (hopefully I could rent one, preferably an electric).


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