Lenten Update

OK, so perhaps I should have chose another sacrifice besides no meat/alcohol/caffeine for Lent. It hasn't been that difficult, and it's actually something I've embraced.

Perhaps it's the new, fresh way of living, but it's been a lot of fun actually. A challenge for sure, trying to find things to eat each day that don't contain any meat (fish is ok). And through that challenge, I've discovered a lot of tasty food that doesn't require a dead animal. For instance, peanut butter and honey on cinnamon bread is an AMAZING sandwich. Even a trip to Five Guys, home of the best hamburger ever, was made fun after eating their grilled cheese sandwich.

Alcohol is strangely one thing I don't miss that much. I used to love beer with a passion. But since I've started staying with the in-laws before marriage, an alcohol-free zone, I've adjusted really well. Root beer tastes better anyways. And caffeine? Well, a few weeks ago I had one of those Starbucks Frapp things, and the caffeine overload made me sick.

"I don't ever want to feel this way again," I told Allicia. And while the caffeine in a regular glass of tea or Coca-Cola probably wouldn't make me feel that way, I feel more refreshed after cutting out nearly all caffeine (chocolate excluded).

So in a way, this "sacrifice" I made for Lent has actually been a source of strength. Feeling better after sacrificing for God. Who knew?

Now, I'm not sure if I'll keep the lack of meat out of my diet in the long-term, as I LOVE Thanksgiving turkey, hot wings, and chicken gumbo. But if I never had another drop of alcohol (except for Mass) or caffeine, I wouldn't lose any sleep.

P.S. Since this style of living closely aligns itself to Straight-Edge, I started drawing big X'es on my hands. If you're going to make a sacrifice and a lifestyle change, why not have some fun with it?


Emily March 25, 2011 at 2:54 PM  

Like I said on Twitter, I really commend you for this. Now that I think about it, I wish I would've given up snacking as well. Not going out to eat was very difficult for me, but it's something that I can be held accountable for. Not snacking would be all on me. It's funny because before 8th grade I never really knew that people give things up (being that I am Lutheran). However, after attending a Catholic school for for 5 years (and soon will be converting) I find Lent much more fulfilling when I do sacrifice something and give more time to God. :)

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