Roller Coaster fears

So, the honeymoon is planned.

Oh, you didn't know? Saturday, May 14 I get married to an awesome person.

OK, now that one big event is out of the way, I must tell you about the honeymoon. It's a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. I've never been to Disney, and I'm really looking forward to it. Only one problem though: I'm terrified of roller coasters.

No, I'm not scared that my head is going to be decapitated. Nor am I frightened that the roller coaster is going to fly off the tracks. No, the part that I hate is the queasy feeling in your stomach when you hit a huge dip or something. I absolutely loathe that feeling, worse than the feeling you get when smash your finger up against a wall or something.

But, it's Walt Disney World! I can't be a total chicken, can I? Perhaps I won't be a daredevil on all the rides, but Space Mountain can't be ignored. That's one I have to ride, right?

Watching that with the lights on doesn't look too bad. No upside down things or huge drops. Sure it's in pitch black, but that should be ok, as the surprises don't scare me.

I would really feel ashamed of myself if I walked away from Walt Disney World and didn't even attempt to ride Space Mountain or the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Being a wimp is certainly an ok thing, as you'll never get me near the Pirate Ship or any of those spinning-around-until-you-die rides. But SM and BTMR deserve my admiration up close.

Hopefully I should be ok. Just in case though, I'll have a bag with me at all times. More for other riders than myself.


Future Mrs. Faber May 9, 2011 at 10:11 AM  

I heard marriage is a roller coaster, I hope you are ready for that ride!

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