Too old for 3D

I think there are certain signs that show you are getting older. Falling asleep during Monday Night Raw, even though it was a good show. Losing interest in going to the Spencers shop in the Mall. And briefly wondering what station NPR is on before you realize that it's NPR and by definition, not worth thinking about.

Just recently, I think I've added a new item to that list: No interest in 3D. Specifically, Nintendo's 3DS system.

3D movies are ok. I hate wearing the glasses (it's tiresome trying to get them to fit over my regular glasses), but I dislike losing the brightness of the screen even more. So the idea of playing a glasses-free 3D gaming system sounds cool, right?

I've given it three tries, and I walk away unimpressed each time. That's not to say that the system itself is unimpressive: The 3D effect is mindblowingly effective, and I'm sure that Zelda: Ocarina of Time will benefit from it greatly. But after a few minutes, I got bored and tired of it each time.

I can't be the only one who doesn't appreciate 3D for what it is. And I can't be turning into a fuddy-duddy: I rode what is arguably the craziest, scariest ride at Epcot on my Honeymoon (Mission: Space Orange Team). Still, while I love Nintendo products, I'll probably be sitting out on the 3DS


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