The joy of complaining

I think some people don't realize just how stupid they sound.

Maybe I was just caught in a grumpy moment, but when Allicia and I were at the firework show on Monday night, there was a family next to us where the mom and dad spent the entire time complaining about something.

"Why don't they going to start on time?"

"This mayor doesn't know what she's doing."

"Nobody knows if the fireworks are tonight or Sunday"

They just kept chattering on and on. The most annoying part though was when, 2 minutes in, the woman says with a grumpy tone, "Is that it?" miffed at the alleged end of the fireworks.

It was a break two minutes in! Who the heck thinks fireworks in a city as large as Harrisburg are over with after two minutes? Just shut up for a few minutes, sit back and watch the show!

Beautiful fireworks. Too bad we had to share the experience with them.


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