Please Hope Solo, don't give in to the dark side!

I'm extremely amped for Sunday afternoon. Hopefully the U.S. Women's National Team wins the Football World Cup tomorrow. I'll be watching with great anticipation, and also a little hesitation as well.

The reason for my hesitation? The beautiful Hope Solo. She's soaring in popularity, but Yahoo! news reports that Hope is being approached by so many endorsers, including GoDaddy to become a GoDaddy girl with Danica Patrick.

Thankfully, Hope so far doesn't seem to have any interest in endorsements, wanting to live a normal life. I don't begrudge her for selling products, as it's a great way to make a living, but please, please don't Go Daddy.

Perhaps it's because I love football so much, perhaps it's hope that there are still good, wholesome people left in the world, but I am filled with great angst over the idea of Hope Solo becoming affiliated with Go Daddy.

When Danica Patrick first debuted, it was a great story. She got me really interested in IndyCar racing. Then she did a GoDaddy commercial. One wasn't so bad. Then another. And another. Pretty soon I lost in interest: instead of relying on your alleged racing skills, you gotta use sex to sell, in turn throwing every female athlete who's trying to make a name for herself with athletic skill under the bus.

And they're the worst commercials on TV. Beyond sleazy, they're mind-numbingly horrible. I really hope Hope Solo has a little more integrity than that. The idea of seeing her follow those other girls along like a zombie would really make me sad.

There is one huge difference between Hope Solo and Danica Patrick though. Unlike Danica, Hope Solo actually wins her athletic endeavors.


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