Lazy posting! Plus, I'm going somewhere new!

I feel like I don't pay enough attention to this blog, even though it bears the name dustinfaber.com. I mean, that should be my pride and joy, right?

Actually, in the past, I've put so much time and effort into how the blog template looks, instead of the actual writing, that by the time I get done tinkering with the looks of it, I'm burnt out. So if you notice imperfections in my blog (for instance, the text on the about me in the bottom box being crazy indented), well, I'm not paid to be a web designer. I'm not even paid to write this: I just do it because it's supposed to be fun.

Hopefully this new focus on writing and not looks will benefit me. After all, firejoemorgan.com was an UGLY web design, and that remains my favorite sports web site, even though it "retired" last year. Turns out, if you have good content, ugly design can be excused.

Hey, things are changing in my life! I'm getting a new job! :-O It's with the Waldron News. I'll start 2 weeks from today (Tuesday), being the managing editor. So the news coverage, stories you read and design? That will be done by yours truly (I've never figure out what yours truly means, even though I just used it in this sentence).

It is sad to leave The Log Cabin Democrat. The company has been very good to me, and I really feel like I've made great strides in my journalistic skills. The Sentinel-Record was a year of getting my feet wet. The LCD taught me how to swim. Lame analogy, but it's 1:13 a.m., and it was either that or something about Hydrocortisone. I hope I can take some of the feature ideas from the LCD and bring them to the WN. Things like School Zone, layout ideas, and even giving the newspaper a Twitter feed.

There are so many things we can do to make the Waldron News shine. It's a challenge I look forward to accepting.


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