A not so nice prayer life

I'm a flawed man, I think we can agree on that. To back up my point, I'll give you three sordid episodes from my life that show how imperfect I am.

• I accidentally hit a dog (he lived though) while driving 35 in a 25 back in high school.

• I occasionally snuck in beers into my dorm back at ASU, to drink in the peace and comfort of my own room.

• I cheered for the Steelers in Super Bowl XL.

OK, so those aren't damning flaws (except for number three), but you didn't expect me to put up the really bad stuff, did you? Anyways, today's confession has to do with something that happened at work.

At my data entry job, I add what seems like hundreds but is more like 80 or so resumes to our system each day. I then find out what job they're looking for, and if it is open, send them an email telling them it is. If it's closed, I send them an email that no doubt causes fits of rage and anger (However, this position is not open).

It sucks sending people those emails, and I do my best to try saying a quick prayer for each of the people. Nothing grand, just a quick "Lord please bless this person in their job hunt." However, today I came across a resume that bragged about all their big fundraisers for We Murder Babies Planned Parenthood, and I actually prayed that they didn't get the job.

What, praying for someone to encounter misfortune? How absurd! When Lino Rulli shared a similar experience on his radio show (Sirius 159, XM 117 at 3 p.m. central each day), I laughed. "How ridiculous," I thought. "Why even waste your breath? God's not going to honor a prayer that aims to bring bad things to someone!"

And wouldn't you know, Mr. Chuckles here did the same thing.

Now I didn't do anything that would cause the person to lose out on the job. I processed everything like normal. But in the back of my head, seeing Planned Parenthood just infuriated me so much. How could anyone enjoy working for such an evil bunch of people?

Sadly, enough people to keep them in business. But then a thought occurred to me: the resume was just listing experience. What if that person had turned from their ways? What if they pulled an Abby Johnson and quit? After all, it's not like I'm taking resumes for Planned Parenthood: they're leaving that group.

And that should have been reason enough to say a prayer of thanks.


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