Getting into the season, gaming style

Holidays and gaming usually don't mix.

Yes, the extra time off of work and school gives you more time to play games. But when's the last time you saw a game where the plot was Easter themed? Not too many Valentine's Day shooters (now that's a creepy idea for a game) or fourth of July puzzle games.

However, it does seem like Christmas has lent itself to a few video games throughout the years. Here are a few you can track down and use to get into the holiday spirit.

Christmas Lemmings

Basically, this game is Lemmings with snow, Christmas decorations, and lemmings dressed in Santa outfits. I absolutely loved Lemmings as a kid, and it's challenge still holds up to this day. This Christmas version is basically the same game as the original. Nowadays, this would be an expansion pack, but when it was released in 1991, it was a full retail release. You should be able to track it down online for free, however.

Christmas Nights
I remember Nights being a really fun game for the Saturn when it came out, mostly due to the freedom you had to fly through 3D levels. Very cool back in the mid-90s, as my previous gaming experience was 2D left-to-right. I think Nights would stick out in people's minds a little more had Super Mario 64 not come along and blow every 3D effort (at that time) away. Christmas Nights is more of the same: In this version, you fly through levels trying to find a Christmas star. You go through the same Spring Valley as you did in the original, but now with snow and holiday decorations.

The game was available for rent at Blockbuster. And since my family couldn't afford to spend $300 on a Saturn at that time (I had to wait 15 years to buy a Saturn for $25), I didn't get a chance to play it at the time.

Terror in Christmas Town
I spent all afternoon looking for a screenshot from this PC game, but was unsuccessful. Basically, you play as Santa Claus trying to save an elf from a polar bear in game ripped straight from Wolfenstein 3D.

Rabbids Go Home

In the level shown above, you get items in Santa's alleged backyard. But this Santa is super skinny, and it certainly doesn't look like the North Pole.

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised. With all the shovelware that the Wii gets, I guess it's only time that someone remade Rudolph into a video game. With a price tag of $20, I'm very hesitant to try this game, as the ridiculousness of it might be enough to destroy my tv. And I'm too poor to afford another one.

There are a few others, such as a Santa Claus themed game for the Playstation, a game based on the Tim Allen movie Santa Clause, and some other Wii Christmas game.


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