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When I was in high school, I wrote a ton of poetry. Most of it wasn't very good, when I look back and cringe. Mainly I started doing it because I was trying to impress a girl by showing a soft side. Hell, half the stuff I wrote I don't think I really believed.

"Love is an emotion all can feel."

Wait, what? An emotion all can feel? What kind of crap is that? Love is so much more than emotion. Emotions come and go. One minute you're happy. Two hours later you're angry because you got fired from your job. If love was an emotion, I wouldn't want anyone to love me. No telling how long it would last.

No, love is a decision, something I first heard Bro. Marcus Brown at Waldron First Baptist Church say many years ago (and have since heard many others say as well: who knew all these people were in church with me that morning).

Regardless, I think maybe I should give poetry another shot. Who knows, maybe I have something good left in the tank? Here's one I like to call No. 4

Do you hear the sounds, the echoes swirling about?
So persistent, so devout,  they scream and shout.
I can't concentrate, can't breathe, can't even sing,
Knowing you never gave a damn about anything.

Time has passed, but the wound's still sharp,
You promised me the world, you broke my heart.
But I'm still standing, you can't take that away,
Nothing you can say, any day, cause I'm better than you in every way

So forget the past, I'll forget it too
I'm in love without you, with someone who makes me strong,
She's my world, never done me wrong, the source of my life,
Take that, painful one, I love her enough to call her wife

So to these talking walls, reminding me of the pain
You don't hold me down, I'll dance in your rain,
Sing of my failures all you want, but I make this vow,
I'll spend my life getting better, stronger starting now


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