Sunday's random thoughts

And now, random thoughts on a Sunday night due to the fact that I need to write something, but don't really have a set topic in mind.

• Amazingly, I don't despise my call-center job the way I should. Sure, my goal is to do some sort of writing or graphic design (dare I say, journalism?), which would make you think that I would absolutely hate doing the call center job, since it's the complete opposite of what I want to do with my career. But being able to help people over the phone is pretty rewarding, and the amount of overtime that my job has allowed me to work (long days, nice paychecks), has made me really see that apparently God wants me to do this crap for a while.

•Months ago, I loved going to find vintage gaming. Lately though, I haven't really felt like doing that. Perhaps it's that I don't really have much of a budget for free-spending, or that my set goal is getting that arcade cabinet I wrote about a few weeks back up and running, but that rabid desire to raid shops for classic NES and Genesis game doesn't exist as strongly. Maybe that means I just need to find some better games to go after. Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD) and Tengen's Tetris (NES) would be two I really want.

• I used to write poetry all the time in high school. Threw all of the poems away because of their ridiculous stupidity. Second-guessing myself on that one, but I don't lose sleep over it. Perhaps I need to start writing more again.

• Can't wait for this weekend. A trip to Philadelphia to see the Celtics beat the 76ers, and then off to Virginia Beach. There are so many things I want to do in VAB, but I have to keep telling myself that since my sister will be living in VAB for the next few years, I'll have plenty of time to do all that fun stuff.

Right now, my top three things I want to do in VAB (aside from seeing my family, obviously) are 1., Take my future bride Allicia to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. 2. Go to the Beach. 3. Go back to my childhood home, the Chimney Hill apartment complex, and get an order of Chicken McNuggets and Sprite from McDonalds like old times.

• That order of Nuggets could have to wait though. For Lent this year, I'm giving up meat, alcohol and caffeine. Since I don't smoke and won't be eligible for promiscuous sex after May 14, that could qualify me for straight edge. However, I don't want to disrespect people who dedicate their lives to being Straight Edge by claiming that I'm the same when it's something I have no idea if I'll commit to.

As a Lenten sacrifice, I think it will be a good one. I love soda, beer and hamburgers: giving up most of things for 40 days will definitely be something that will drive me nuts (in a good way). However, if it's something that I'm happy with, I'll have no problem giving up caffeine for life. Alcohol might be a little trickier, but as long as root beer is plentiful, I won't really miss beer that much.

Giving up meat? I don't think that will ever happen completely. I could give it up in most instances, but I know I'll have to break that commitment around Thanksgiving, and when I visit home. My father owns a lot of cattle, and to not eat beef would break my parent's heart. At least eating beef at my parent's place will be from cows not shoved in some factory somewhere: all of our cattle have plenty of room to roam and eat grass freely.

Whether it's something I do for life or not will probably be determined three days into Lent (if it gets to be too rough). But for 40 days, I owe it to God to suffer just a little.

After all, he did it for me.


Future Mrs. Faber March 8, 2011 at 9:57 AM  

a few things I would like to discuss.
1-GO CELTICS! we are going to have a great time at the game
2-I'm glad you decided to stop saying Straight Edge about your lenten choices.
3- I really wish you hadn't thrown away your poetry, I asked you to keep it before you moved because i wanted to read it and i knew it would be a nice keepsake later in life
4-you do have two other blogs that need to be updated if you feel the desire to get more writing in, the wedding blog is severely lacking.
5- your lessened desire for video game foraging may be due to the fact that you have almost every game you've ever wanted and/or we've been very busy getting down to the nuptial wire. I imagine it will come back soon.
6-I can't wait for you to finish that game cabinet, I'm gonna kick your butt in pacman.
7-You might have to wait til the next VAB trip for the nuggets and sprite as I've given up any restaurant with a drive thru and you've given up meat. (i'd better go to the grocery store before this road trip or we will be HUNGRY!)
I think that is all for now. I love you!

conflay March 8, 2011 at 10:59 PM  

God Bless, I am really happy I found your blog. I googled "catholic mmorpg" and you came up in search. I am currently hooked on LOTRO and I tell myself that it's not so bad that I "waste" so much time on it since Tolkien was a devout Catholic LOL. Happy Lent!!

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