The Stoltzfus root beer experience

If you live near Harrisburg, PA, then you live near me. Lucky you. You also live near Saturday's Market, a fun place to shop for just about everything. From classic video games to cupcakes, this giant flea market/antique shop/farmer's market lite has nearly everything.

Among the people working there are local Amish people, and they sell things that are much better than any mass-produced items you might find at a big-box supermarket. Potato chips, meats, quilts, etc.

And by etc., I mean this.

Oh my gosh. This might be the best root beer I've ever drank, toppling a spot previously held by Frosty. I had this same root beer on a previous visit, and it tasted magnificent then. I thought I'd try another bottle to make sure I wasn't overrating it, and it is still amazing (to the root beer snobs, I realize that I'm probably just scratching the surface of great root beers, so if there's some amazing brand I'm missing out on, feel free to send me a sample. For free, of course)

I think what I like about this root beer the most is that it's not very carbonated, which puts more of a focus on the flavor. Sweet, but not over the top like generic root beers. I have no idea how they made it, but I'd love to find out.


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